About Jotastic

My name is Naletta Jo Faultner and I am 16 years old, from Florence AZ. I am a senior in high school and a freshman at CAC, pursuing a business degree. Over the years, I have created many things; currently, I am really enjoying wire wrapping. I make jewelry, home décor, and plant décor. I also enjoy beading jewelry and home décor.I started Jotastic Boutique 2018, so I could share my handmade items with people across Arizona. I find joy in the little things nature has to offer, such as the beauty of a rock, a plant, or even a stick. I love recycling items and turning them into something beautiful for others to enjoy. After completing a recent Environmental Studies course at CAC, I learned just how important sustainability is, and how much of an impact one person can make. One of my goals for Jotastic is to operate as sustainably as possible and reduce our carbon footprint on the planet. And just by supporting us, you are already taking steps to promote sustainability. To get more involved, check out our section on simple changes you can make for more sustainable living.