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At Jotastic Boutique, I believe in supporting local vendors. There are so many extremely talented artists in Pinal County, of all ages, who just needed a space to share their passion, vision, and mission. I am thankful to the boutique owners who let me sell in their shops these past few years, and I am so happy to be blessed enough to pay it forward to these vendors now. Here is a list introducing our current vendors in the store.

On A Better Hanger

Ariah Faultner

Values: Sustainable. Ethical. Empowering.

Vision: “A sustainable and ethical line that recycles unique pieces of clothing bringing the fun and joy back into shopping.”

The impact that fast fashion is having on our environment is undeniable. I started feeling uneasy about buying online and following all the fast fashion trends, which is why I believed in starting this line. Each piece is unlike the other and it gives shoppers a real opportunity to choose pieces based on their personal sense of style and who they choose to present themselves to the world.

Products: Recycled unique pieces of clothing

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Coby Faultner

Values: Encouragement. Growth. Mindfulness.

Vision: “I think that everyone can try to be a better person.”

My name is Coby Faultner and I am almost 14 years old. I started the SHAPE UP brand in the 6th grade. I made the drawing in art class, and thought it was really cool that the guy was made from many little shapes. I named him SHAPE UP, because I think that everyone can try to be a better person. In 2020 all the schools were shut down from COVID, so my family and I spent a lot of time on our ranch and out in nature. Just for fun, I started taking pictures of the cattle and plants, practicing with different angles and edits on my iPhone 13 or my Canon Eos Rebel T7. I’m really happy to start selling my photos and SHAPE UP merch at the Jotastic Boutique.

Products: Canvas prints of nature


Hippie Bling Boutique

Alan & Dawn Craver

Values: Love. Positivity. Healing.

Vision: “Unique pieces made with love, positive intentions and healing vibes.”

We're a husband and wife team located in Coolidge, AZ. We absolutely love the vibe of creating, choosing beautiful crystals and getting to know the coolest creative people along the way. We create each piece of jewelry with care & emphasis on detail, choosing only the most beautiful gemstones for each pendant.

Products: Handmade jewelry with gemstones and crystals

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Gypsy Soul


Values: Uniqueness. Genuineness. Fearlessness.

Vision: “My hope is that you find a piece of jewelry that is as unique as you are.”

Hello, my name is Jaida and I'm 15 years old. My parents say I'm their gypsy souled, flower child, so naming my business Gypsy Soul was the only option. Each piece of resin jewelry I create is individually made, so no two pieces are the same. I have learned to embrace being myself and not follow the "cool" kids. My hope is that you find a piece of jewelry that is as unique as you are.

Products: One of a kind, handmade resin jewelry

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Courtney’s Customs

Courtney Ciaramitaro

Values: Uniqueness. Confidence. Attention to Detail.

Vision: “Crafting unique, handmade products for different personalities.”

I am a wife and a mom of 2 fun and beautiful little girls. I have always loved crafting. I love how one person can get something very basic made and another can have me design something from scratch and they both mean just as much to the person receiving the item. For about 5 years this has been my stress reliever, my side hustle, my addiction.

Products: Handmade tumblers

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Tonya Fleming

Values: Inspiration. Originality. Creativity.

Vision: “Trying new things and enjoying what I create.”

My name is Tonya Fleming and I have been painting for over 30 years. I have done portraits, landscaping, and still life painting over the years. My inspiration comes from the things I see or imagine. Besides painting, I enjoy making jewelry, felting as well as other creative designs. Currently, I am experimenting with something completely different. If all turns out well after trying my hand at “something new,” I’ll let you know. Until then I’ll continue to try new things and enjoy what I create.

Products: Jewelry, tea strainers, book markers, plant tags, paintings

Monica Sue Faultner

Values:   Faith, Family

Vision:   Helping to inspire others to be their best.

 My name is Monica Sue Faultner.  I have been crafting for 50+ years.  I enjoy hand quilting, which my mom taught me,

I also enjoy crocheting with I learned from mother-in-law.  I crochet mats from plastic bags to give to the homeless. 

I have always enjoyed crafting small thing to keep me busy, from diamond painting to making earrings.  I also enjoy cooking and crafting for my family and friends.

 Products:  Earrings, wine glass charms